About us

St. Rita School

St. Rita is a Catholic school in Ranchlands that serves students within this community. We are a small campus which offers a positive and supportive Catholic education with a strong academic focus. Our school motto of Service, Respect and Spirit is enhanced and supported through our Catholic Community of Caring and Social Justice projects. All students have access to technology to assist in their learning. Each classroom is equipped with computers and Internet access for research and ongoing development of technical skills. As well, our school has SMART Board technology to enhance student learning. We are proud to offer our students the opportunity to become involved in various extracurricular and leadership activities such as: Choir, School Safety Patrols, ECO Leaders, Milkateers, and Liturgical celebrations. We also have supportive School Council where our parents advise and work collaboratively with the school.

St. Rita, Our Patron Saint






St. Rita lived a very difficult life and was cruelly treated by her husband and children. However, St. Rita continued to pray and remain faithful to our Lord. When St. Rita’s husband and children died, she entered the convent of the Augustinian nuns and began a life of perfect obedience and great charity.

St. Rita had a great devotion to the “Passion of Christ.” “Please let me suffer like You, Divine Savior,” she said one day, and suddenly one of the thorns from the crucifix struck her on the forehead. It left a deep wound which did not heal and which caused her much suffering until her death on May 22, 1457.

School Motto: Service Respect and Spirit

Our school motto of “Service, Respect and Spirit” reminds us as students, staff members and parents that each and every day we need to be positive role models of these virtues:

Service: Positive actions, duties, deeds to benefit the school community as a whole or as an individual. (Helping one another)

Respect: Showing positive behaviour towards others (adults and peers), and property belonging to self and others. Also, showing respect of yourself, coming to school ready to learn.

Spirit: Positive and appropriate encouragement and actions to create a safe and fun learning environment for self and others in the school community.